I hope you know you shitted on us… you knew we weren’t prepared so you decided to give us that taste of your power you know you did it you just don’t want to conform it to us that you did it. You shaved our edges off by your voice Jay Z you made us feel like we was you Jigga, Les Twins….LES TWINS YA’LL I just don’t know anymore like WHYYYY it’s like you fucked us in the ass and just left didn’t stay to eat breakfast or nothing just left and the Bey Hive dancers Oh My GOODNESS like whyyyy you guys have to come and slay us also with ya’ll good looking bodies… ONIKA GIRL I SEE YOU stop it STOP IT OKAY YOU ALREADY FUCKING ME UP….. MAMA’s ya’ll VOCALS are like Angels BAND Ya’ll are on Fire I love ya’ll I don’t know what BeyHive would do with ya’ll strong brave talented people.

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Compare other artist

Katy Perry: I give tears to other people…

Taylor Swift: I give tears to other people….

Beyonce and Jay Z: We give tears to people…..

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